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Higher Education Benefits: The Key to Financial Wellbeing

With the cost of higher education continuing to rise, providing employees with both simplified college savings and accelerated relief from student loan debt should be a cornerstone of every winning financial wellness strategy.

College Savings Made Easy

LEAF makes recurring employee contributions to 529 college savings plans simple and, with advanced payroll and HRIS integration, administration is fully automated. With LEAF you:

Give employees the ability to invest in 529 college savings plans via simple payroll deduction

Provide an employer match for a percentage of what employees put into their 529 plans

Provide an employer match for all of what employees put into their 529 plans with annual cap

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Student Loan Repayment Made Easy

The nation’s issue with student loan debt has spiraled so far out of control that it’s commonly referred to as an economic crisis. With recent figures showing U.S. student loan debt has reached a whopping $1.34 trillion, it’s become a problem that affects everyone. Add it all up and it’s a no-brainer for companies to begin offering employees assistance with “student” loan repayment.

What LEAF enables companies to do

Provide a direct employer payment to one or more employee student loans, or match for a capped percentage of employee payments

Set-up a customized student loan payment benefit that drives employee engagement and retention

Simplify higher ed benefits by integrating with automated payroll deductions for easy administration and reporting

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How Does the LEAF Platform Work?

LEAF Program Set-up

LEAF Recurring Process

Funding of Employee Accounts

LEAF Program Set-up


Meet with LEAF

Implementation meeting to identify specific technical requirements and timeline


Complete Set-up

HR requests new payroll code(s) from provider and completes online set-up


Send Welcome Materials

HR sends employees Welcome Guide, Brochure, FAQs, and Invitations to Webinar Events


Employees Enroll In LEAF

Employees enroll by entering their plan and/or loan information and contribution amounts

LEAF Recurring Process


HR Communicates With LEAF

On a regular basis, HR communicates eligibility information to LEAF to ensure only eligible employees can enroll or are current for LEAF services


LEAF Communicates With Payroll

For each upcoming payroll, and multiple payroll periods and divisions are supported, LEAF automatically communicates with payroll


LEAF Reconciles Deductions

After each payroll, LEAF reconciles actual deductions based on employee payroll qualifications and communicates with benefits platform

Funding of Employee Accounts


Funds Are Transferred

All plan contributions, optional matching funds, and/or student loan repayments are made by ACH transfer and are fully FDIC insured


Contributions Are Disbursed

Contributions are disbursed with independently audited bank level security to each respective employee 529 plan(s) and/or student loan servicer(s) according to employee instructions


Employees Can View And Edit

Employees can sign-in to LEAF at any time to view and/or make changes to their recurring plan contributions or loan repayment details

Free White Paper

The Landscape of Higher Education Benefits

Read our newest white paper entitled “The Landscape of Higher Education Benefits” to learn more about four key areas for providing financial wellness for employees: Tuition Reimbursement, College Savings, Student Loan Repayment, and Student Loan Refinance.